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Nozzi Premium Red Wine

75cl  Alc. 12.5%

Born in Gozo, Annunciata, affectionally called Nozzi by all who knew her, had a passion for good taste. The fun and roaring twenties were the start of her glamorous years, and it was during this time that her interest in wines and wine-tasting peaked.

This wine collection has been aptly named in memory of this great lady… Nozzi.

The grapes for this premium wine, made from Negro Amaro grapes, are picked late in the season. This concentrates the grape sugars and gives very ripe fruit notes to the wine resulting in a captivating aroma of ripe blackberries, and spicy notes with velvety tannins for a long and intense finish.

Nozzi wines use grapes ripened under the scorching Mediterranean sun for exceptional quality and character.