“Leila” was conceived by connoisseur Mark Miceli Farrugia, a well-known personality in the Maltese wine & beverage industry. He soon headed a team of experts to bring his dream to fruition.

The objective was to develop a unique, gastronomically satisfying, digestive liqueur which tastes good & does you good. In 2004, after six years of endless trials Leila Digestive Liqueur was born. The result was a liqueur that was neither too bitter nor too sweet or too high in alcoholic content and made with an all-natural blend of Mediterranean carobs and aromatic herbs.

Following the success of Leila’s Digestive Liqueur, the original team of experts joined forces with the expertise of Savina Creations Ltd to further develop Leila’s range of premium liqueurs in keeping with the Maltese theme and traditional tastes and heritage.

In 2016, “Amaretto”, a bitter almond liqueur, and “Limoncello” a zesty lemon liqueur, were launched in Malta. The choice for both these new liqueurs was easy. Lemons and Bitter Almonds are plentiful in Malta and in neighboring Mediterranean countries and both have pleasant and unmistakable aroma.

Production of these liqueurs is still artisan, crafted in small batches and patiently aged until the infusion of the various aromatic herbs and fruits with the alcohol syrup bring out all the genuine Mediterranean flavours.